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Arizona Sunshine 2 Ends Season Of Chaos With Free Horde Map Update

Arizona Sunshine 2 Ends Season Of Chaos With Free Horde Map Update

Arizona Sunshine 2, the VR zombie action sequel, ends its Season of Chaos with a new Horde map.

The latest update in the Arizona Sunshine 2 post-launch roadmap, the Old Mine map is now available as a free Horde Mode update. "Dive into a thrilling new level in this forsaken mining site, where every shadow hides a lurking zombie. Build your defenses, ration your ammo, and prepare to battle relentless waves of the undead," says Vertigo Games in a press release.

Old Mine marks the last update in the previously announced 'Season of Chaos' roadmap. Alongside February's Quest 3 upgrade with 4K textures, previous monthly updates introduced a new Corgi companion and two additional Horde Mode maps - Trailer Park and Undead Valley. Presently, it's unknown if Vertigo Games plans to release any additional updates.

We awarded Arizona Sunshine 2 top marks in our review last December, believing it offers "exactly what one might hope for in a sequel."

Vertigo Games has brought the Arizona Sunshine franchise back from the dead and living its best afterlife. With pitch perfect writing, acting, pacing and outstanding action, Arizona Sunshine 2 offers some of the most engaging and accessible arcade violence yet to grace VR.

Arizona Sunshine 2 is available now on the Meta Quest platform, PC VRPSVR 2 and Pico.

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