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See An Exclusive Tease Of Area Man Lives At The Upload VR Showcase: Summer Edition

See An Exclusive Tease Of Area Man Lives At The Upload VR Showcase: Summer Edition

Great news for those of you waiting on an update on the next project from the developer of That Dragon, Cancer; we’ll have an exclusive tease of Area Man Lives at the Upload VR Showcase: Summer Edition on June 16th!

Update: The Upload VR Showcase has moved from June 8th to June 16th. More info here.

Yep, developer Numinous Games will make its Showcase debut with a first look at its anticipated VR adventure. In Area Man Lives, you run a radio show in a small town, gradually becoming engrossed in a deep mystery. You’ll chat with characters over the radio as you get to the bottom of some truly strange goings-on. This looks like it could be a real quirky treat.

Area Man Lives VR Showcase New

The project has some history, of course. It was originally intended as an episodic series for Google’s Daydream platform, but only released its first two episodes before Daydream met its untimely demise. Fortunately, Cyan Ventures — yes, a funding arm of the studio behind Myst — helped resurrect the project as an all-new experience earlier this year. We’re really excited to show you a first look at how it’s shaping up.

Not sure what an Upload VR Showcase is? Simple: they’re video presentations we hold at busy times on the videogame calendar to announce new VR titles and reveal new information about upcoming games and experiences.

Also joining this year’s showcase is Fast Travel Games, Low-Fi, Panther VR, Play Bunker and The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. We’ll have plenty more teases leading up to the big day on June 16th, so check back for more soon!

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