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Area Man Lives Continues To Look Like An Eccentric VR Experience In New Trailer

Area Man Lives Continues To Look Like An Eccentric VR Experience In New Trailer

Earlier this year we reported that Numinous Games’ Untethered series was being resurrected by Cyan Ventures. Today, we have a fresh look at Area Man Lives.

This new trailer made its debut at the Upload VR Showcase: Summer Edition. Area Man Lives brings the series that started life on the ill-fated Google Daydream platform to PC VR and Oculus Quest next year. You take control of a radio DJ that starts to uncover strange goings-on in their small town. Best of all, you can use your headset’s microphone to actually reply to people calling in.

This trailer gives a hint about the game’s eccentric atmosphere and sense of humor, with just a hint of the wider story. It’s a little hard to talk about what you ‘do’ in Area Man Lives without getting into the story in Untethered so, for the sake of spoilers, we’ll leave this trailer to speak for itself.

We’ve always been drawn to Area Man Lives’ quirkiness, so it’s great to see the experience shaping up well. Numinous was, of course, the developer behind That Dragon, Cancer and publisher Cyan is best known for games like Myst and, more recently, Obduction.

We’re just getting started at the Upload VR Summer Showcase. We’ve already given you a first look at Solaris: Offworld Combat and early development footage of Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife. Stay tuned, because we’ll have fresh looks as Lonn, Blaston and Low-Fi.

Will you be checking out Area Man Lives when it releases next year? Let us know in the comments below!

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