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Arcade Paradise VR Rebuilds The Retro Adventure For Quest

Arcade Paradise VR

Arcade Paradise gets rebuilt from the ground-up for VR, and it's coming next year on Quest.

Developed by Nosebleed Interactive and publisher Wired Interactive (Tin Hearts), Arcade Paradise is a retro arcade adventure and light management sim previously released for flatscreen platforms. As seen in the UploadVR Winter Showcase, you're tasked with transforming a decrepit laundromat into an arcade with 39 playable arcade cabinets.

Here's the full gameplay description:

Transform the King Wash, a decrepit family-owned laundromat, into a booming arcade business. Get hands on managing the fully gamified day-to-day tasks, from manually picking up gum, doing the laundry, and scrubbing a toilet perfectly clean - to throwing out the trash in a basketball style mini game. Then, take your hard-earned money from completing these tasks to unlock your real objective… buying more arcade units!

Arcade Paradise VR doesn't have a confirmed release window, though Wired Productions says it's "coming soon" on the Meta Quest platform.

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