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New Arashi Update Aims To Fix PSVR Exclusive's Biggest Issue

New Arashi Update Aims To Fix PSVR Exclusive's Biggest Issue

A huge new update for PSVR exclusive Arashi: Castles of Sin is now live and it takes aim at one of the game’s biggest issues, along with a host of other changes.

Patch 1.4 includes updates to three core areas: melee combat, improvements to your wolf companion, Haru, and general gameplay improvements. When it comes to combat, developer Endeavor One says that enemies will no longer close in too close to players and attack, stopping them from blocking swords. Collision with blades is also set to be drastically improved and you’ll also be able to interrupt enemy attacks at different points.

Bosses, meanwhile, will now dodge and move around more, and the Move controllers will rumble when swords make contact. Combat was one of our main points of contention when we reviewed Arashi earlier this year, so it’s good to see these changes being made.

As for Haru, enemies will now notice and react to her when she walks in front of them (another aspect we took issue with beforehand), and she’ll acknowledge enemies in turn, too.

Elsewhere, the developer has disabled level transition points when the player is being pursued, meaning you can no longer just run away from encounters and into the next area. Players will also have more health and there are updates to climbing and aim assist. You can check the full list of changes right here.

Again, it’s great to see continued support for Arashi post-launch. The game is still PSVR exclusive, but Endeavor One did at one point hint to us that it wants to bring the series to other platforms.

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