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Arashi: Castles of Sin Is A Tenchu-Like Stealth Game For PSVR

Arashi: Castles of Sin Is A Tenchu-Like Stealth Game For PSVR

VR finally gets its own Tenchu-like stealth game in the upcoming Arashi: Castles of Sin for PSVR.

The game, developed by Seattle-based Endeavor One, was announced today on the PlayStation Blog. In the experience, you play as an elite shinobi that must free castles of bandit invaders. That will mean sneaking through the grounds, killing enemies in the shadows and, when seen, engaging them in sword-based combat. Gameplay is focused on catering to multiple styles, meaning there’s more than one way to clear each area. Check out the first trailer below.

You’ll have the usual array of swords and bows are your disposal but sure to catch your eye is a wolf companion named Haru. They’ll come to your aid in combat and, yes, you can pet them. Interestingly, the developer also says the game uses “state-of-the-art movement”, which may refer to the grappling hook you can see in the trailer.

“At Endeavor One, we’re huge fans of genre filmmaking,” the post reads. “We have a passion for storytelling and a love of creating immersive experiences – it’s what drew us to VR in the first place.”

Arashi is coming this summer to PSVR. There’s no word yet on if it could come to other headsets too.

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