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Apple Vision Pro Extended Teardown Reveals Its True Active Resolution

Apple Vision Pro Extended Teardown Reveals Its True Active Resolution
From iFixit's extended teardown.

iFixit took a microscope to Apple Vision Pro's OLED microdisplays to reveal their true active resolution.

We highlighted yesterday how iFixit's Vision Pro teardown gave a fascinating look at its intricate design and revealed the secrets of EyeSight.

Apple Vision Pro Teardown Reveals The Secrets Of EyeSight
iFixit tore down Apple Vision Pro, giving a fascinating look at its intricate design and revealing the secrets of EyeSight.

Today iFixit released a part 2 where they used a digital microscope to estimate the active resolution of Apple Vision Pro.

Vision Pro is the first headset to release with near-4K OLED microdisplays, offering an unprecedented pixel density. Interestingly though, iFixit found that some pixels on the edges are permanently off, so the active resolution of the lit area is lower than the physical resolution.

From iFixit's extended teardown.

iFixit measured the size of each pixel at just 7.5μm, the size of a human red blood cell. iFixit says this means you can fit 54 Vision Pro pixels into the space of a single iPhone 15 Pro Max pixel, which is truly remarkable.

iFixit then measured the size of the lit area of the display as 27.5mm wide by 24mm high, meaning it's 1.41 inch diagonal and has an aspect ratio of roughly 5:4.

Headset Display Tech Resolution Per Eye
Oculus Rift & HTC Vive
OLED 1080×1200
Valve Index
LCD 1440×1600
Meta Quest 2
LCD ~1680×1870 (est)
Meta Quest 3
LCD 2064×2208
Bigscreen Beyond
Micro-OLED 2560×2560
Apple Vision Pro
Micro-OLED 3660×3200

Dividing the width and height of the display by the pixel size gives an active Apple Vision Pro resolution of 3660×3200 per eye.

However, the corners of the display are also cut off. When summing the resolution and subtracting the cut corners, across the two displays iFixit came up with a total of 23.4 million pixels combined, which closely matches Apple's official statement that Vision Pro has 23 million pixels.

From iFixit's extended teardown.

We recommend you watch the full video for a look at iFixit's exact process, as well as their investigation of the internals of the battery and logic board.

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