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Apple Vision Pro accessories

Apple revealed the full range of Vision Pro accessories.

With pre-orders live for the Apple Vision Pro ahead of the headset launching on February 2, the full range of Apple Vision Pro accessories have just been revealed on the official Apple web store.

Two optional accessories that aren't included in the box are available for Vision Pro at launch: a $199 official Apple Vision Pro Travel Case, and a $49 Battery Holder from Belkin that can clip to your belt or trousers.

Additionally, the following replacements/extras are available:

Detailed on the Apple Store, the headset includes a light seal, light seal cushion, solo knit band, dual loop band, cover, external battery pack, polishing cloth and 30W USB-C power adapter with a USB‑C charge cable.

For more information on Apple Vision Pro, check out our second hands-on demo from earlier this week.

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