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Watch This Guy Actually Walk Through An Apex Construct Level On Quest

Watch This Guy Actually Walk Through An Apex Construct Level On Quest

Oculus Quest units are beginning to slip out into the wild ahead of official launch tomorrow. One of the coolest uses of the standalone VR headset we’ve seen thus far? Someone playing an entire level of Apex Construct… using only their legs. That’s right, their actual legs, not their fake virtual ones.

YouTuber Jugon Virtual just posted this video of the Quest port of Fast Travel Games’ debut. In it, he tackles an entire level of the game by physically walking through it. Jugon runs around a football field covering a 6050m squared area, battling robots and dodging projectiles.

It’s pretty cool to see. Jugon is able to skip backward when he’s rushed by exploding enemies and jump around cover to avoid incoming fire. At one point he’s even brave enough to roll onto his back. Quest’s inside-out positional tracking is able to handle all of this with the help of four onboard cameras. The tracking isn’t quite as extensive as, say, the original Oculus Rift, but it’s close enough.

Of course, most of us won’t have an entire field to play Apex Construct in. We’ll have to make do with the teleport and artificial locomotion options the game provides. The quest port consists of the entire original game and includes recent updates too.

Oculus Quest launches tomorrow and Apex Construct will be one of the first games you can buy for it. If you already own it on Oculus Rift via Oculus Home then you’ll get it for free. We thought the port of the game was first-rate.

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