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Apex Construct Is Coming To Oculus Quest Soon From Fast Travel Games

Apex Construct Is Coming To Oculus Quest Soon From Fast Travel Games

Another Oculus Quest reveal for you; Fast Travel Game’s Apex Construct is on the way soon.

Fast Travel itself confirmed as much in the below tweet. Details are thin right now but it’s not hard to imagine a full port of the original game appearing on Oculus’ upcoming standalone headset.

Apex Construct is a first-person action game. It lets players explore a post-apocalyptic world caught in a war between two AIs. You wield a bow and arrow and trek through a full campaign, fighting off drone enemies, solving puzzles and more.

We were quite fond of the game when it originally launched on PSVR and PC VR last year. It had a few rough edges but pretty closely resembled the kind of ‘full’ VR experience many fans are asking for. At GDC last year Fast Travel showcased the game running on mobile VR hardware, so we’d always expected a Quest port sooner or later.

Quest is a standalone VR headset, which means it doesn’t need a phone or PC to power it. Experiences won’t be able to hit the same visual fidelity as those on Rift, then, but the six degrees of freedom (6DOF) tracking on an untethered headset will hopefully make for a worthy trade-off.

More information on the Quest port will be revealed soon. Quest itself is launching this spring. A 64GB model will be available for $399 and a 128GB model will cost $499.


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