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Apex Construct On Quest Has Outsold All Other Platforms Combined

Apex Construct On Quest Has Outsold All Other Platforms Combined

Fast Travel Games’ Apex Construct has sold more units on Oculus Quest than all other platforms combined, despite launching over a year later.

Andreas Juliusson, Chief Marketing Officer at the studio, confirmed as much on Twitter today. Apex Construct launched alongside the Oculus Quest in May 2019, coming in at just under 10 months of availability at the time of writing. But Apex Construct first launched on PSVR in February 2018 and came to PC the following March, giving these versions well over a year’s headstart over Quest. Juliusson confirmed to UploadVR that the game passed that milestone this weekend.

In January of 2019 — before the launch of the Quest version — Fast Travel CEO Oskar Burman said that 46% of sales for Apex Construct were on PSVR alone.

These are the latest figures to suggest VR developers are finding renewed success on the Quest platform, which doesn’t require an expensive PC or console to run. Last month the developer of Dreadhalls also let us know that the Quest version of the game was currently outselling all others combined (though it hadn’t yet surpassed lifetime sales).

Quest also features a stricter curation policy than the Oculus Rift and Go, meaning its store sees fewer but generally higher quality releases. But this approach has also caused some controversy over the past year, though last week Facebook hinted that it was looking into a way of bringing experiences to Quest through alternative means. We probably won’t find out exactly what this means for some time yet.

Fast Travel didn’t provide any insight on the sales of its other Quest game, The Curious Tale Of The Stolen Pets, however.

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