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Aperture Hand Lab Updated For Oculus Touch Players

Aperture Hand Lab Updated For Oculus Touch Players

Yesterday, Cloudhead Games and Valve launched Aperture Hand Lab. The free download is intended to be a showcase for the latter’s new Index Controllers, which bring finger tracking and improved pressure sensitivity into VR. The latter feature is required to actually get through this experience, which stopped Oculus Touch users right in their tracks. Thankfully, Cloudhead has provided a workaround.

The developer behind The Gallery series this week took to the Oculus Reddit to provide an update. The studio has just published a new controller binding for Touch that you’ll need to select when you jump into VR (instructions below).

With that in place, you’ll be able to make your way through the app. “Obviously this isn’t the way we intended for it to be played,” Cloudhead wrote, “but at very least you should get some laughs from the dialogue.” We’ve got to concur on that point; Hand Lab is absolutely hilarious especially for fans of Valve’s Portal universe. Still, we’d recommend waiting until you have an Index Controller in-hand to actually give this one a go.

Here’s Cloudhead on how to activate the binding:

  1. Launch the game
  2. Open the SteamVR menu and click Settings > Controller Binding (or Devices > Configure Controller on desktop)
  3. Select “Knux [Testing]” under “Current Application”
  4. Click “View” on the binding labeled “CHG Recommended”
  5. Click “Select this Binding”

Note: Selecting a binding for “Aperture Hand Lab” will not currently sync to the game. You will need to launch the game and select a binding for Knux [Testing] under “Current Application.”

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