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Anshar Wars 2 Coming To Oculus Quest, Developer Shares Footage

Anshar Wars 2 Coming To Oculus Quest, Developer Shares Footage

A remake of Anshar Wars 2, originally available on Gear VR and Rift in 2016, is coming to Oculus Quest.

The developer shared footage on Reddit of the game running on Quest, announcing that the remake is currently in development for release in the future..

The game originally launched five years ago, back in 2016 for Gear VR. While technically a sequel, the free original game it succeeded was more of a tech demo than anything fully fledged. Anshar Wars 2 for Gear VR was a full title, built by OZWE Games and executive produced by Mike Doran from Oculus. As a mobile VR title, the game featured short 5-minute missions that used head movements to fly a ship floating in front of you in 360 degrees to avoiding obstacles.

Anshar Wars 2 also launched a multiplayer mode and released for Rift in the same year, including support for multiplayer with Gear VR cross-play.  At the time, we said Anshar Wars 2’s multiplayer might be the ‘pinnacle of phone-powered VR technology.’ It seems only apt then that five years later the game is making its way to Oculus Quest.

As you can seen in the footage embedded above, it looks pretty similar to the Rift version released a few years back. For the Rift release, players had the option of using their head or the controllers to move the ship. The footage on Quest clearly shows someone playing using a controller to pilot the ship, and the developer noted that the game is “a blast with the new controls” in the Reddit thread.

Another Reddit user commented in the thread about the potential of a cockpit view, to which the developer responded that such a feature is “not officially planned yet, but we will try a few things to see how it goes.” The developer did also confirm multiplayer support on Quest, but no word yet on whether cross-play with Rift will be supported.

Anshar Wars 2 is coming soon to Oculus Quest and available now on Oculus Rift.

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