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Ace VR Dungeon Crawler Ancient Dungeon's Demo Is Now On Oculus Quest

Ace VR Dungeon Crawler Ancient Dungeon's Demo Is Now On Oculus Quest

Back in April, we wrote about an impressive VR dungeon crawler named Ancient Dungeon that made its debut on PC VR headsets. Now, though, you can try its early version on Oculus Quest.

An early version of Ancient Dungeon is now available on Itch, and can be installed via SideQuest. Developer Eric Thullen is accepting donations for the project, too. Check out some gameplay for the Quest version below.

Ancient Dungeon caught our eye for its solid physics-driven gameplay and true-to-genre gameplay loop. An assortment of randomized dungeons and loot drops make every playthrough feel different, while you can apply a little strategy to the melee with how hard you hit.

The Quest version of the game includes the first few areas so far, and seems like a generally good port. We noticed a little slowdown, especially in its opening hub world, but the game retains an art style that feels distinctive on Quest and I couldn’t spot any real differences gameplay-wise. In fact, the lack of wires really help add to the immersion and action. That means that this actually already has some of the most engaging melee combat on the platform.

There’s still a full version of the game in the works for PC VR, though we don’t know if the full version of the Quest release will be day-and-date with it. Either way, this is definitely one to keep an eye on if you’re into your VR sword-slingers. Will you be checking out Ancient Dungeon on Oculus Quest? Let us know in the comments below!


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