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Multiplayer VR Shooter Alvo Getting PSVR Release Date Soon, Quest/PC Later

Multiplayer VR Shooter Alvo Getting PSVR Release Date Soon, Quest/PC Later

We’ll soon learn the release date for the PSVR version of multiplayer VR shooter, Alvo, but there are other editions on the way too, including an Oculus Quest port.

The game’s developer recently took to the PSVR subreddit to confirm that it will reveal a release date for the game’s initial launch very soon. PSVR has long been the core focus for Alvo, and the game will support the PlayStation Aim, Move and DualShock 4 controllers. But, in the comments, the studio also confirmed the Oculus Quest version is still planned for later down the line alongside the Oculus Rift edition.

“Currently we can crossplay from PSVR to Oculus Rift,” the team wrote. “Squads will be able to be formed between PSVR and Quest/Rift.” It remains to be seen if the team will pull off cross-play with Quest, which is a weaker platform than both PC and PSVR, but the studio seems confident.

Although cross-play has already been implemented “from a technical perspective”, the team’s main uncertainty lies with Sony and Facebook’s decision-making. “We have a good understanding of what is needed and are confident they will both approve,” the developer said.

Alvo offers fast-paced, 10-player online action with a modern military setting. Think Firewall, but with a bit more haste in its step. It’s been in development for some time (Upload itself first wrote about it well over two years ago). Back in January we debuted eight minutes of new gameplay footage from the experience.

Will you be checking out Alvo? Let us know in the comments below!

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