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'Allison Road' is Officially Revived With VR Support "Definitely" Planned

'Allison Road' is Officially Revived With VR Support "Definitely" Planned

It wasn’t too long ago that we reported on Allison Road’s unfortunate cancellation. The P.T.-inspired horror game shocked the world with its incredibly detailed and gripping teaser, combining an engrossing atmosphere with excellent timing in a post-P.T. demo world. While we may never know what was to come of Silent Hills, Kojima’s defunct project with Konami, its ideals live on in the spirit of its successors, such as the forthcoming Resident Evil 7: biohazard and, even more potently, Allison Road.

As an indie project, Allison Road has always been extremely exciting, if not troubled. Following the launch of a Kickstarter campaign that appeared to show no signs of slowing down, Allison Road’s creators opted to shut down the funding call in lieu of pursuing a deal with a publisher. Since then, things didn’t work out, and the game was officially cancelled.

Then last week, the game’s creators told IGN that the project was alive once again. This time as a purely passion project between Chris Kesler and his wife, development continues with the rebranded team name of Far From Home.

“I took a bit of time off Allison Road, went back to work and had a good look at all the stuff that had been done up to that point,” Kesler elaborates on the game’s Facebook page. “I started making a few changes to the story, a few scribbles here and there, some layout tests and before I knew it it sort of organically picked up pace…It almost felt like coming home. Coming home to a place you’ve never really left.”

UploadVR reached out to Kesler over Twitter to ask about whether or not VR support was still planned for the title on release, and he responded in the affirmative, even going so far as to explain that it’s already up and running on the DK2, with mentions of intended Vive and motion controller support as well.

There is no indication of an anticipated release date at this time, but it’s reassuring to know that one of the horror genre’s most promising indie projects is getting a second wind after all.

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