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After The Fall Also Coming To 'Yet To Be Announced' VR Platforms

After The Fall Also Coming To 'Yet To Be Announced' VR Platforms

After a long silence, yesterday saw the return of Vertigo Games’ After The Fall with a new cinematic trailer and a Summer 2021 release window.

But a press release also teases the game is coming to “yet to be announced VR platforms” in the same timeframe.

That wording is a little unclear, either suggesting the game is coming to a headset that hasn’t been announced yet, or simply another version of the game for existing VR platforms is on the way. We reached out to Vertigo Games to clarify which it could mean, though the studio declined to comment for now.

We already know After The Fall is due on PSVR and PC VR headsets. We’ve long wondered, however, if the follow-up to Arizona Sunshine could also debut on Oculus Quest. Vertigo said it had “big plans” for the game in in an update late last year. Whatever this other version of the game is, cross-play with other headsets will be included there, too.

Similar to Arizona Sunshine, After The Fall is a co-op, first-person zombie shooter for VR. However the game swaps out the heat of the Arizona desert for a frozen wasteland and lets up to four players take part in campaign missions. Vertigo is promising an expansive online experience with post-game content and hub area for players to meet in.

We first debuted After The Fall all the way back at the E3 VR Showcase in 2019. A beta for the game is expected to run before its full launch later this year.


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