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After The Fall Is Coming To Oculus Quest, Gameplay Trailer Revealed

After The Fall Is Coming To Oculus Quest, Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Vertigo Games’ co-op zombie shooter, After The Fall, has finally been confirmed for Oculus Quest.

The developer debuted a fresh look at the game during the Oculus Gaming Showcase today, confirming that it’ll be coming to the standalone headset, too. Check out over a minute of new footage (which is almost certainly taken from the PC version) below.

Update: Vertigo Games confirmed that After The Fall will support cross-platform multiplayer, so you can team up with your friends no matter what headset they’re playing on. 

After The Fall Quest Version Confirmed

We saw first-person, four-player gameplay in action, with a team making its way through the snowy post-apocalyptic wastes as hordes of the undead surround them. Zombies crawl along ceilings and shamble in groups, and there are different types that vary in size and shape. Towards the end of the trailer we see a lot of enemies on-screen at one time. It will be interesting to see if the game can retain the headcount in the standalone version.

It’s been a long wait for new gameplay from After The Fall. We first revealed the game at the E3 VR Showcase in June 2019, but Vertigo rarely spoke about the project in 2020, when it was purchased by Koch Media.

After The Fall is now scheduled to arrive on Quest, PC VR and PSVR headsets this summer. We know that there will be cross-play between the PC VR and PSVR versions. Vertigo hasn’t yet confirmed if that feature will make it to Quest, too. A beta for the game has also been promised, though details on when that will roll out remain under wraps for now.

Where will you be playing After The Fall? Let us know in the comments below!

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