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Vertigo Urges After The Fall PSVR Users Not To Play Early Access After Troubled Launch

Just a few hours into After The Fall’s early access launch in some parts of the world, developer Vertigo Games is urging PSVR users not to continue playing following a troubled launch.

Those that pre-ordered the new zombie shooter got 48 hours early access, letting them start playing on December 7 instead of December 9. That means parts of the world like Australia have had access for a few hours at the time of writing. On PSVR, players have been reporting poor performance and troubled control layouts, even when using PSVR’s Aim controller.

In a note issued on Twitter, Vertigo warned that the current build for PSVR was a “depreciated” build for the game that doesn’t include key features like cross-play with the Quest 2 and PC VR versions. “We urge you to wait for our new patch before continuing your early access to avoid issues,” the post reads, later adding: “We acknowledge that this is not what you signed up for and we will keep you updated on this matter.”

We published a review-in-progress for After The Fall earlier today based on the Quest 2 and PC VR builds of the game, and we haven’t yet been supplied with PSVR code. For what it’s worth, so far we think those versions of the game offer a fun, accessible co-op experience, but we’re yet to see if the game really offers enough content to keep players busy.

What do you make of After The Fall’s launch on PSVR? Let us know in the comments below.


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