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After The Fall Cross-Play Trailer Compares Quest 2, PSVR And PC Versions

After The Fall Cross-Play Trailer Compares Quest 2, PSVR And PC Versions

Vertigo Games has given us a first look at how After The Fall looks and runs across all three launch platforms ahead of next week’s release.

The video below, whiched debuted at today’s Upload VR Showcase, cuts between the PC VR, Quest 2 and PSVR versions of the game during a cooperative session. The game supports cross-play across all headsets, so it’s possible for anyone with a Quest to play with people on PC and PSVR, for example.

After The Fall Cross-Play Comparison Video Revealed

You can spot some inevitable graphical differences going between the power of a PC and the standalone Quest hardware, but we’ll leave you to judge how well the game holds up across the three platforms (or wait for our own graphics comparison surrounding launch). Vertigo has previously promised that the game will retain the same enemy count across versions. PSVR players will also get the choice of playing with the Move controllers or rifle-shaped Aim controller.

After The Fall is releasing on all platforms on December 9, save for Quest 1, which will arrive sometime in 2022. You can currently pre-order the game in order to gain access to a first season with new levels and 48 hour early access (so you’ll be able to play from December 7). There’s also a deluxe version with some extra goodies thrown in.

Are you going to be picking up After The Fall? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to tune into the rest of the Upload VR Showcase as we have plenty more to talk about.

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