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Affected: The Manor To Get Quest 2 Enhancements, New Content In Darkness Update

Affected: The Manor To Get Quest 2 Enhancements, New Content In Darkness Update

More spooky scares await Oculus Quest 2 this week when Affected: The Manor launches its latest update.

The VR horror game, which is already available on the original Quest, will get improved visual and audio features on the new headset. More important, though, is The Darkness Update, which includes an all-new gameplay mode for free. In it, players will have only a limited amount of light to work with, creeping through the terrors by candlelight. If you thought you were brave enough to tackle the game the first time around, take a look at the trailer below and see if that’s still the case.

Affected Quest 2 Trailer

Affected is something of a VR showcase, trading in traditional mechanics like puzzles and combat for pure experience. You explore a creepy mansion, tasked with getting out alive as you’re haunted by new frights around every corner. The game already got a Gauntlet update that had players braving the trials on the clock. Check out Senior Editor David Jagneaux giving it his best shot below.

This update will also take advantage of Dynamic Shadows on Quest 2, making that new mode all the more immersive. 10 new language options will also be included in the update as well as a skin shader for the user’s avatar, which you can also expect to see in the original Quest version.

The Darkness update will be free to everyone that owns the game on Quest. Will you be checking out the Affected Quest 2 update? Let us know in the comments below!

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