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Promising Local Multiplayer VR Game Acron Gets August Release Date

Promising Local Multiplayer VR Game Acron Gets August Release Date

One of the most promising games from our 2019 E3 VR conference is coming very soon. Acron! Attack of the Squirrels has a release date.

The latest title from Resolution Games is touching down on August 29th. The Oculus Quest store suggested as much in a pre-order listing, but Resolution itself confirmed the news on Steam. Obviously it’s coming to Quest, and the Steam listing supports Index, Vive and Rift too. There’s no word on a PSVR release yet but we’ve got our fingers crossed.

Acron is a multiplayer game in which one player straps on a headset while a group of friends connect on smartphones. The VR player becomes a giant tree with golden acorns to protect. The phone players are squirrels that have to team up to steal the VR player’s prizes. In VR you can toss projectiles and even pick up enemies and throw them. Squirrels, meanwhile, come in different classes with special power-ups.

We’ve been looking forward to this one for a little while. VR doesn’t have many great local multiplayer titles and the idea of friends teaming up against one VR player is intriguing. You can check out fresh gameplay of the title and hear a bit about it from the developers in our E3 VR segment above.

It’s Resolution’s second PC VR released following the launch of Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs. The developer is mostly known for its mobile VR games like Bait! and Narrows. We’ll be interested to see how the team handles its continued transition into the world of 6DOF VR.


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