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PSVR 2 Flight Sim Aces Of Thunder Reveals Soviet Aircraft In New Gameplay

Aces Of Thunder key art

Aces of Thunder, the upcoming PlayStation VR2 aerial combat sim from War Thunder's studio, offered a new look at gameplay with Soviet aircraft.

Revealed in a new Aces of Thunder update on Instagram, the latest gameplay video focuses on Soviet aircraft used in World War 2's Eastern front. That includes the Yak-9 used by Yugoslav Partisans, the Yak-3 that's described as "lighter and more agile," the La-5N, and the IL-2 attack aircraft often known as the "flying tank." Each of these aircraft will be available immediately when starting the game.


Last year, developer Gaijin Entertainment also revealed the US aircraft available when starting Aces of Thunder. Starting picks include the P-63 Kingcobra that saw action across the Pacific front, the P-47 Thunderbolt used in European operations and the P-51 Mustang that escorted bombers during raids against Germany and Japan. There's also the SB2C Helldiver dive bomber.

A release window still remains unconfirmed. Gaijin Entertainment revealed that "development is almost finished" back in December, though nothing further has been mentioned since. February's subsequent update provided an additional look at gameplay, stating that Aces of Thunder is running at "a stable 90 fps" on PSVR 2

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War Thunder spinoff Aces of Thunder brings aerial dogfighting to PSVR 2, and Gaijin detailed its US aircraft.

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