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Ace Combat 7, More PSVR Games Win Official PlayStation Awards

Ace Combat 7, More PSVR Games Win Official PlayStation Awards

Sony’s annual PlayStation Awards ceremony was held once more in Japan this week. This years PSVR winners contain a mix of both the expected and slightly surprising.

According to Sony Japan, the three titles handed the PlayStation VR Award “contributed to the excitement of the format of PlayStation VR.” That’s specifically aimed at the Asia region, including Japan.

Surprising no one, both Astro Bot: Rescue Mission and Beat Saber were both awarded prizes. Astro Bot released in late 2018 to critical praise. The VR platformer makes incredibly smart use of the PSVR headset. Beat Saber, meanwhile, needs no introduction. You know what it is, you know how popular it is. What you might not know is that Facebook now owns it, which makes the game’s future on PSVR a curious prospect. For now, we know Beat Games will continue to support it with DLC and updates.

Perhaps more eyebrow-raising is the third winner: Ace Combat 7. Released back in January, the latest entry in the flight combat series included an exclusive PSVR campaign on PS4, consisting of a handful of missions. We absolutely loved this mode; it’s one of the most polished, blockbuster experiences you can have in PSVR. Still, there’s only about an hour’s worth of content in there.

It was a similar situation last year, though, when Gran Turismo Sport took home a PSVR award despite its barebones offerings.

2020 will be an interesting year for PSVR given the introduction of PS5. Still, we’re expecting some big releases like Iron Man VR in February. Will it be up for an award this time next year?

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