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A Township Tale Brings Co-Op VR Fantasy To Oculus Quest In July

A Township Tale Brings Co-Op VR Fantasy To Oculus Quest In July

Long in-development VR fantasy game, A Township Tale, will be coming to Oculus Quest next month.

Alta Reality’s unique adventure VR just closed out this summer’s Upload VR Showcase with the reveal of its standalone version. The game arrives on the official Oculus Quest store on July 15 for $9.99. Check out the announcement trailer below. 

Until now, A Township Tale was only available on PC VR headsets. In the game, players discover an abandoned village and get to work on rejuvenating it as they embody different classes. You can forge items as a blacksmith, gather resources as a miner or fight off foes as a warrior, and there are woodcutter and archer professions, too.

But, whereas many VR games feature similar roles, A Township Tale has a unique focus on its interactions. Each class has tasks that involve physically replicating what you might do in the real world, like hammering swords over an anvil as a blacksmith or putting genuine effort into axe swings whether it’s to chop a tree or fell an enemy. In this sense, the game’s been uniquely designed from the ground up for VR.

When it comes to co-op, Quest players will be able to launch their own server for up to eight players total. There won’t be any cross-play with the PC version “at launch”, however.

A Township Tale Oculus Quest Blacksmith

“To bring something as big as A Township Tale to standalone VR seemed crazy, but we were able to start the process last year in 2020,” Boramy Unn, Game Director, said in a prepared statement. “The PC version of A Township Tale isn’t complete and had many technical improvements to be made. We found that dedicating to these improvements would align us well with working on a Quest version and so we began.”

As with the PC version, there will be an in-game store with cosmetic items to purchase. You’ll get 1,000 Talems, the purchasable in-game currency, when you buy the game from the Oculus Store. Go a step further and pre-order, however, and you’ll get 2,000 Talems as well as exclusive in-game items. 

Will you be picking up A Township Tale on Quest? Let us know in the comments below!

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