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Pilot Underwater Mechs In A Rogue Escape, Coming June 11 For PC VR

A new puzzle game is arriving for PC VR early next month that will see you attempt to take control of a giant underwater mech in an escape room-inspired experience.

A Rogue Escape places you in a giant underwater mech and tasks you with playing around with all the switches and controls to find a way to get it moving so you can escape. Here’s a bit of what to expect from the Steam page:

It was your only way off this forsaken planet, but standing aboard a colossal stolen mech, you find yourself surrounded by unfamiliar buttons, levers, and monitors. In full VR, push, pull, press and hack everything you can find in an attempt to activate this lumbering beast and make your escape.

The game is being developed as a collaboration between Spare Parts Oasis and VR development studio Sylphe Labs. It’s actually a reimagining of one of Spare Parts Oasis’ previous games – their 2019 title Nauticrawl. Spare Parts have teamed up with Sylphe Labs to take the original rogue-lite puzzle game and turn it into a VR title with a fully explorable 3D space inside the mech.

Despite being a reimagining of a previous game, Spare Parts Oasis says that A Rogue Escape has been built “from the ground up to deliver a tense, atmospheric experience, on par with some of the very best escape rooms.”

“Combining an escape room with dungeon crawling and cockpit simulation was a daring concept back when I did this on PC with my previous title Nauticrawl, but somehow it feels right at home with a headset on and a fully immersive and tactile environment to experience,” said Spare Parts Oasis’ Andrea Interguglielmi.

If that sounds like your kind of jam, you won’t have to wait long – A Rogue Escape will be available from June 11 for PC VR on the Oculus Store and Steam, where you can wishlist it now.

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