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A New Alien VR Game Could Be Announced Next Week

A New Alien VR Game Could Be Announced Next Week

It’s very possible that we see a new Alien game announced next week, and we might finally hear if it’s got VR support too.

The Game Awards host Geoff Keighley has begun teasing next week’s show, which takes place on December 6th. The Game Awards always mix in new announcements with the prize-giving and earlier in the month Keighley tweeted the message ‘Worlds Will Change’ along with a teaser image.

What’s the got to do with Alien? Well the font and style looks very close to the Weyland-Yutani logo seen in the iconic sci-fi film series, and the big W in the top right corner is reminiscent of it too. More importantly, though, last week 20th Century Fox trademarked the name Alien: Blackout in relation to a videogame. The pieces are starting to come together.

Now cast your mind back to January 2018. We reported that FoxNext, a subsidiary of 20th Century Fox that has done a lot of work in the field of VR already, had acquired Cold Iron Studios and set them working on a new Alien game. At the time, a PR representative highlighted to UploadVR that the developer had experience “across mobile, console, PC and VR.”

It’s quite possible that we at least find out what this game is next week, then. Whether or not VR support is included is another question. VR veterans will remember that Oculus showcased a demo of Alien: Isolation inside the Rift DK2 headset years back, which modders were able to successfully implement into the full game, but nothing official ever came of it. It’s way past time someone made that right.

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