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6 VR Developers Sony Could Buy To Secure PSVR 2's Future

6 VR Developers Sony Could Buy To Secure PSVR 2's Future

Between the likes of Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica and Media Molecule, PlayStation holds some of the most respected game developers in the world.

But, as Microsoft continues to stock up on developers heading into the next generation it appears Sony might be ready to make a few more acquisitions of its own.

Obviously there’s a lot of traditional game developers that would make a great fit at PlayStation. But we can’t help but wonder if Sony might be looking to make some VR acquisitions as we approach the age of PS5. We already know the semi-revealed console will support the original PSVR and it’s all but confirmed that a PSVR 2 is on the way too. Sony already has some great studios working on PSVR games but, if it really wants to make a splash, it should consider buying these five great developers.

Impulse Gear

Impulse Gear made its VR debut with one of PSVR’s best-known exclusives, Farpoint. Not only that, but the studio was a pioneer behind the rifle-shaped Aim controller. Given its familiarity with the PSVR ecosystem, Impulse was one of the first developers we thought of when writing this list. We know the studio is currently working on another VR title, but it’s not clear if it’ll be another Sony-produced project.

Chances: Quite possible

First Contact Entertainment

Another Aim controller pioneer, First Contact is best known for its hugely popular first-person shooter, Firewall: Zero Hour. The multiplayer shooter was one of the first to really deliver on the dream of laser tag in VR and, despite a few hiccups, it’s still going strong today. As we revealed during our E3 VR Showcase last month, First Contact is now working on an Oculus exclusive shooter, but Sony would be smart not to let the team slip through its fingers.

Chances: Possible


Now Camouflaj hasn’t actually released a PSVR game yet. In fact, so far that studio’s only released one VR game at all in Republique VR, a port of its mobile stealth series. But the team is working on a PSVR exclusive in the form of Iron Man VR and, from what we can tell, it’s shaping up pretty nicely. If Camouflaj manages to pull the whole thing off then Sony should snap it up to secure the inevitable sequels on PSVR 2.

Chances: Possible

Secret Location

Let’s have a leftfield one. Secret Location is one of those great VR developers that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. It’s already churned out great games like Transpose and Blasters of the Universe and even a VR movie in The Great C. That gives the team a unique standing among VR developers as we begin to grasp what makes the medium tick. With Sony’s resources at its disposal, Secret Location could soar.

Chances: Possible


There probably isn’t another VR developer out there with as long and consistent a VR CV as Survios. For the past three years the studio has been pumping out rock solid VR adventures both based on original ideas and tying into popular IP. More importantly, each of those titles has come to PSVR with dependently performant ports. Survios’ past success might mean it’s not interested in acquisitions, but if it is Sony should snap them up.

Chances: Not likely

Insomniac Games

Let’s end with a bang. People have been saying Sony should acquire Insomniac since the Spyro days, but it’s never been truer than in 2019. Not only is Insomniac making bleeding edge VR games for Oculus like Stormland but it also launched the absolutely excellent Spider-Man PS4 exclusive last year. The fact that Insomniac is sitting on this much VR experience and hasn’t yet made a PSVR game is maddening. It probably won’t ever happen, but if there was one studio we’d choose for Sony to acquire, it’d be these guys.

Chances: Not likely at all

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