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50 Days Of PS VR #44: Radial-G

44 days to go! We’re counting down to the release of PlayStation VR on October 13th by highlighting one game a day for the anticipated headset. Today we’re strapping on our sci-fi seatbelts and heading to the tubular track with Tammeka Games’ Radial-G.

Every PlayStation console needs a great Wipeout game. It’s like an unwritten rule of the universe; Sony’s sci-fi racing series, which out dates even Gran Turismo by a few years, has graced every console and handheld the company has going and even stopped off at a few other platforms along the way. Sadly, developer Sony Liverpool – known as Psygnosis before being acquired by Sony – closed its doors back in 2012, meaning the PlayStation 4 might very well be the first console in the brand not to get a Wipeout game.

It’s a huge loss, but Tammeka Games’ Radial-G might ease the pain on PlayStation VR.

When Radial-G released for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive it proved to be a fun and faithful entry in the sci-fi racer series, though we could have used a few extra features to help turn it into a bigger and better experience. Fortunately, we should be getting just that with the upcoming PS VR release, which Tammeka is aiming to have ready shortly after the launch of the headset itself.

Tammeka’s debut VR game sees players flung far into the future where they’ll climb into the cockpits of state of the art racing vehicles and speed down tubular race tracks. It’s a game about perfection; you might be able to jump into your first game and finish in a respectable position, but if you want the best lap time you’ll have to learn courses like the back of your hand. You’ll need to know when to take a dive to the right to hit a hidden speed ramp, or be on the ball to dodge that unexpected slowdown gate.

And you’ll have to do it all on some seriously perilous courses. Radial-G‘s tracks twist and bend with little concern for driver’s safety, and can often flight you off the sides into the abyss. Fear not, though, this is one of VR’s more comfortable racing games, despite the insane speeds you can reach.

But there are some new tricks you’ll have to pick up too. Tammeka is currently busy working on its 1.1 update for Radial-G, the trailer for which can be seen above. It will drop with a welcome supply of new ships but also add a critical new element to the game — weapons.

That’s right, you’ll soon be able to build an arsenal as you zoom around the track, firing off missiles and joyously firing away with machine guns. Instead of aiming for first fair and square, you can get there by aiming at your enemies instead, turning them into fiery balls of death. Of course, dodging damage yourself will be just as important as dishing it out.

These new features should be included with Radial-G when it launches on PlayStation 4. Combine them with online multiplayer and suddenly you have a fully fleshed out game for PS VR to go against the big stack of experiences and mini-games.

Oh, OH! That soundtrack. That lovely, commercially available soundtrack. It feels like Wipeout hasn’t gone anywhere.


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