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50 Days Of PS VR #12: Check Out The First Footage Of 'Proton Pulse' Running On PS4

50 Days Of PS VR #12: Check Out The First Footage Of 'Proton Pulse' Running On PS4

12 days to go until the launch of PlayStation VR! We’re counting down to the release of Sony’s VR headset on October 13th by highlighting one game a day for its anticipated release. Today we’re revisiting one of VR’s first golden oldies with Proton Pulse.


ZeroTransform was one of the first teams to believe in VR. The developer’s got an exciting project in the pipeline with Vanguard V, but for as long as we can remember it’s also been supporting its debut game, Proton Pulse. It’s a game that’s been kicking around for years now and has already released in a few forms, but its PlayStation VR launch is coming up and we’ve got a first look at it for you below.

Proton Pulse is essentially a VR take on a classic arcade genre: brick breaking. In the current version available on the likes of Google Cardboard, the player controls a platform using their head movements, and must use it to bounce a ball back forth across a court, aiming for different blocks to smash. Once you’ve cleared an entire wave of blocks, you move on to the next level. Simple, right?

The PS VR version of the game is going to build on that with some exciting new features. The biggest of these is support for the PlayStation Move motion controllers. This adds a new element to the gameplay, as instead of simply looking at the ball, you’ll be able to swat it back with your hands. Think of it like some sort of future tennis in which your enemies are basically giant, shiny blocks. Okay, maybe don’t think of it as tennis at all.

From the looks of the trailer the classic controls will also be included, as will 50 levels to complete. As you’d expect of any brick breaker, you can also grab power ups to even the odds, letting you quickly smash through multiple bricks and more. There are also boss levels and an absolute belter of a soundtrack. This is one you’ll want to play with headphones.

What you’re getting with Proton Pulse is essentially a highly polished and accessible arcade game for your PS VR. It’s the sort of thing we can see ourselves getting addicted to and losing hours in when we’re not busy showing our friends London Heist or RIGS.

Look for Proton Pulse to hit PlayStation VR. It’s expected to hit shortly after the launch of the hardware itself on October 13th.


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