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5 VR Games To Keep You Fit On World Physical Activity Day

5 VR Games To Keep You Fit On World Physical Activity Day

It’s World Psychical Activity Day and, being the videogame-loving couch potatoes that we are, that sounds like hell. But exercise need not be a plodding bore that introduces you to risky elements such as ‘fresh air’ and ‘sunlight’; you can get an excellent workout inside your VR headset too.

In fact, some people have already lost massive amounts of weight by just playing some of the more active VR games out there. This isn’t some Wii Sports or Wii Fit false promise, VR is the real deal. You’re really performing every mighty swing in a sword fight or blow in a boxing match, and it can be exhausting.

So if you’re looking for a great way to keep fit this Activity Day, make sure to check our list of five games that will get you there.


audioshield screenshot 2

Music games might not be as popular as they once were, but VR brings new life to them with active gameplay that keeps you fit. Both Audioshield and Soundboxing have you punching orbs to a beat as they fly in toward you. It’s a little like punching pads in a kickboxing session, only groovier. Soundboxing in particular helped Job Stauffer lose 50 (now 60) pounds over the past few months.

Paulo’s Wing


Paulo’s Wing is more than just a wave-based combat game made inside Google’s Tilt Brush; it’s also utterly exhausting. You fend off imps with a sword and shield, and the harder you hit the more damage you’ll deal. This results in you swinging your arms like a mad man until you’re drenched in your own sweat without the strength to continue.

Unseen Diplomacy

unseen diplomacy

Triangular Pixels had the rather brilliant idea of turning Vive’s roomscale tracking into an obstacle course under the disguise of a secret agent infiltrating a super secret base. Unseen Diplomacy has you crawling through virtual vents, squeezing past laser grids, and mashing your hands on keyboards. It’s all in an attempt to save the world but, by the end of it, you’ll have lost your breath too.

Virzoom Arcade


If you’ve got an exercise bike then Virzoom’s collection of free minigames designed to work with its technology that links your kit to you PC is a must. Here you can drive a tank, race a car as a dog (really) and more, all by pushing your pedals around. You might forget where you are only to take your headset off and find yourself sitting in buckets of sweat. Lovely.

Knockout League


Boxing is one of the best sports to keep you fit, so why not just box in VR? Better yet, why not box against an octopus? Or a pirate? Knockout League makes stepping into the ring a pure joy, with none of the bruises and concussions that usually come with it. It helps the game just got an update to add new fitness features.

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