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Zenith Shares Look At Upcoming Legendary Armor Set

Zenith Shares Look At Upcoming Legendary Armor Set

After a successful launch in late January, Zenith developers Ramen VR continue to share info on new content coming to the game. This week, we got our first look at a new legendary armor set coming soon.

The armor set was revealed in a video on the Zenith Twitter account, which you can see embedded below:

This set is just one of “many” upcoming legendary sets, arriving as part of the game’s continued push to offer more and more content through regular updates.

The VR MMO hit the ground running in late January, quickly shooting to the top of the Steam’s top sellers list during its launch week. Since then, the developers have shared loads of updates on what to expect next.

We now know that the next class, the Cyber Ninja, will feature a bow and focus on stealth mechanics, but there’s plans for even more classes and better dungeons as well. The first proper post-launch update in February brought new sidequests and a new endgame armor tier.

In our review of Zenith, we called it the “first actual, proper native VR MMO that doesn’t exaggerate the extent of its online elements or structure”. That being said, we also noted that it’s also still very much in early access, even if it isn’t labelled as such on Quest or PSVR:

There are many tens of hours of questing in its current form, but they’re largely identical objectives playing out in the game’s overworlds … This really is just a starting point for the VR MMO.

But, crucially, it’s a solid foundation that already comfortably establishes Zenith as VR’s best stab at the genre yet. There’s hours to spend here exploring with friends and maxing out character stats, and even the current straightforward quest structure makes the game hard to put down. 

You can read our full review of Zenith here. Let us know what you think of the new armor set in the comments below.

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