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Zenith's Next Update Will Feature New Quests & Armor Tier

Zenith's Next Update Will Feature New Quests & Armor Tier

The Zenith developers provided even more detail on the game’s future in a blog post, with the next update set to include new quests and another armor tier.

Since Zenith launched last week, we’ve heard a lot about the VR MMO and what’s in store for its future. The upcoming third class, the Cyber Ninja, was just announced and we know there’s plans for more even more classes, alongside better dungeons and user-generated content as well.

Another new blog post from Ramen VR goes into more detail, specifically about what we can expect to arrive sooner rather than later. In a minor content update set to arrive this month, the game will add in-game alerts for time-sensitive updates regarding server downtime and maintenance.

There will also be some new quests in the update — Ramen VR says they’ve added 23 new sidequests across all biomes, which should “make leveling up more fun and diverse.” Likewise, the fractured plains quest lines have been entirely reworked to be less grindy and “easier to understand for people just getting into the game.”

There’s also a new endgame armor and weapon tier being added, which Ramen VR says should “give players something new to work towards obtaining in the end game.”

Finally, there’s a bunch of miscellaneous improvements, bug fixes and adjustments — you can read about those in more detail here.

In terms of longer term plans, the blog post lists player houses, additional lifeskills and crafting, more end game content, the third Cyber Nina class and “much more.”

Jamie is still working on our full review of Zenith — there’s a lot to play and assess when it comes to a MMO of this scale, so we’re taking our time. Keep an eye out for that sometime next week, but in the mean time, you can check out our review-in-progress. Likewise, check out the latest episode of the VR Gamescast embedded above, where Jamie and I gave some updated thoughts on the game so far.

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