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Zenith's New Class Will Have A Bow

Zenith's New Class Will Have A Bow

Recently-launched VR MMO Zenith revealed details of its upcoming stealth-focused third class, the Cyber Ninja.

As we covered in our review-in-progress, there’s technically only two classes in the game at the moment — the Blade Master (sword combat) and Essence Mage (ranged spell combat). However, you can also choose to be either DPS, Tank or Support for either class, which makes up a total of 6 options for new players.

cyber ninja zenith

Zenith has now revealed that the upcoming third main class type, Cyber Ninja, will have a ranged bow as its weapon type. The bow can be pulled back for charged shots in combat, with the class focusing on stealth mechanics and precision shots.

In a blog post, the developer described a new type of mobility currently being worked on for the Cyber Ninja:

The hookshot (still experimental and might change) gives the cyberninja a whole new type of mobility, being able to quickly pull itself towards an enemy for example, drop an explosive, then hookshot to a wall to quickly get out of the way before the explosive turns the monster into a pile of ash.

The blog post also notes that there’s no set release date for the Cyber Ninja class yet, but the team is “in the process of experimenting with and iterating on [it] to make sure it truly is as fun and addicting to play as the other classes.”

Zenith has also already revealed other plans for new content and the game’s long-term future, including plans for even more classes past these first initial 3. You can read more here.

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