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Zenith Announces Celestial Throne Update, Drops Teaser Trailer

Zenith Announces Celestial Throne Update, Drops Teaser Trailer

Zenith revealed a new teaser for its next update, promising ‘dozens of hours’ of new content and six instanced dungeons.

Content patch 1.1 will be the first major update for VR MMO Zenith: The Lost City, which launched back in January for PC VR, Quest and PSVR. Since a hugely successful launch, a lot has happened — the studio behind the title Ramen VR raised an additional $35 million in a funding round, while also announcing major plans for ongoing updates that would add new content to the game.

Zenith: The Celestial Throne Update Teaser Trailer

Just after launch, Ramen VR promised at least three — if not more — new classes, as well as better, instanced dungeons coming in the future.

The studio looks set to deliver on the second part of that promise very soon, with six brand new instanced dungeons arriving in update 1.1, which you can catch a glimpse of in the short teaser trailer embedded above.

It’s only a short bit of footage for now, but there’ll hopefully be more to come very soon. A tweet from the Zenith account says the dungeons are “filled with interactive puzzles, adversaries, and of course – lots of LOOT!” If we were Zenith fans looking for more details, we’d be keeping an eye out on any upcoming VR showcases, if you know what we mean…

Beyond the 1.1 update, there’s still more plans and lots to come for Zenith. We know that the upcoming third class, the Cyber Ninja, will be stealth-focused and use a ranged bow as its weapon.

Are you looking forward to the 1.1 content update for Zenith? Let us know in the comments below. While you wait, check out our review of Zenith from earlier in the year.

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