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Read Everything Mark Zuckerberg Said In ZeniMax v. Oculus Trial

Read Everything Mark Zuckerberg Said In ZeniMax v. Oculus Trial

We’ve gotten our hands on some of the transcripts in the ZeniMax vs. Oculus trial that concluded earlier this year, starting with Mark Zuckerberg’s time answering questions on Jan. 17. They make for interesting reading, so we thought you’d want to take a look.

Zuckerberg’s time on the stand was part of a three week trial that ended in the court ordering Oculus to pay ZeniMax $500 million after the latter claimed former employee John Carmack had used ZeniMax technology to help build the Oculus Rift. Over the course of the trial Zuckerberg and others revealed tantalizing bits of information, like how Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus cost more than the $2 billion we originally thought. “We bought the company for about $2 billion, and then had an additional, I think, $700 million for ongoing retention for key folks and a $300 million earn out if certain milestones were hit,” Zuckerberg revealed to the jury.

Here are the two documents listed below — if there’s anything specific from the trial you want to see let us know in the comments and we can post those as well.

Jan. 17 ZeniMax Transcript (Zuckerberg 1) by Ian Hamilton on Scribd

Jan. 17 ZeniMax Transcript (Zuckerberg 2) by Ian Hamilton on Scribd

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