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YouTube Duo SoKrispyMedia Takes Immersive Style To The Next Level With VR

YouTube Duo SoKrispyMedia Takes Immersive Style To The Next Level With VR

With major 360-degree media companies like Blend Media garnering interest from executives involved with media platforms like TheLADBible and Maker Studios, it’ll be no surprise when the format takes a stranglehold on a large chunk of video sharing networks. Slowly but surely, YouTube tastemakers are utilizing 360-degree video and VR on their creative platforms and taking their creativity to the next level. The latest example is an intriguing 360-degree video that takes advantage of a particular YouTube channel’s unique style with the perfect marriage of creativity and technology.

Sam Wickert and Eric Leigh make up SoKrispyMedia, a channel known for videos that break down walls by bringing digital and physical art elements into the real world, and they’ve released a cool new video.

Considering they’ve emulated VR interactions in some of their work, them utilizing the 360-degree format and VR was essentially an inevitability. In “Internet Surfer”, Sam and Eric meld their creative ideas with assistance from Reality One and Wevr to take Eric on a physical tour of the internet. Due to some wonky happening, Eric gets physically pulled into YouTube and hilarity ensues as he stumbles into the lives of hilarious impressionist Jamie Costa, the action intense Corridor Digital crew, video magician Zach King, and fashionista Lindsey Rem. There’s even a portion of the video with animation from Cyanide and Happiness.

Hopefully, creations like this aren’t just one-offs, as many of the creators involved in this video would be a boon to the 360-degree media ecosystems. Even beyond that, it’s clear that humorous content translates to the medium even for more popular entities like the Always Sunny In Philadelphia crew’s recent video that lets you become a total badass (nothing goes right, of course). Fingers crossed that we get much more comedic content across various networks in the very near future.

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