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Your Destiny Awaits in STRIDE: Fates

Your Destiny Awaits in STRIDE: Fates

This sponsored post was produced by UploadVR in partnership with Joy Way.

Airon City is a complete slum; you were born and raised at the bottom of the food chain. Whether it was sheer luck or your ultimate destiny, you managed to find a way out. It doesn’t come without a cost, however - every move you make introduces you to a new danger. In STRIDE: Fates from Joy Way, fight against corruption to survive and climb the ladder to be amongst the elite police forces of SkyChase.

Fates is a parkour-style action adventure with a story-driven campaign where players explore dirty city streets and fly between buildings as they interact with gangs, family feuds, corporate secrets, and forbidden technology.

As a parkour spec-ops officer, you’ll have the ability to:

◉ Climb buildings, vault through windows, and slide down cables with lightning speed

◉ Explore open-world locations under the watch of snipers and drones

◉ Feel the thrill of close-quarters combat with tactical shooter gameplay

◉ Use your gadgets and hacking skills to outwit thugs and corporates

While Fates was initially conceptualized as a free, one-hour update to its predecessor, the developers decided on a sequel instead, with Joy Way promising new locations, sidequests, and new battles, but the devs aren’t detailing it all yet.

Players who bought the game in early access on Steam (between Sept 4, 2020 and June 10, 2022) can get Fates for free at launch in 2024. Developers say that eligible players should write to the Joy Way team at with their Steam account username and a screenshot of their purchase history.

Meta Quest players will see Fates released first in November 2023. Those who purchased STRIDE before the Fates launch are promised exclusive game cosmetics and unannounced content outside the campaign.

If you want to participate in the STRIDE: Fates closed beta, you can sign up for the demo HERE, and if selected, you’ll be able to test the game out before it goes live for the masses, with the developer noting there will be an NDA involved.

Follow Joy Way on X, TikTok, Reddit, and YouTube to stay in the loop. Have more questions? Don’t forget to join the official Discord and meet other STRIDE: Fates community members.

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