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World War Toons Trailer Released

Reload Studios, the group of ex-Call of Duty developers now working in VR, just released their first trailer for their upcoming title World War Toons. The game is set in a cartoonified version of World War II, classically pitting “the Germans” vs. “the Allies.” Built “from the ground up for VR,” World War Toons uses its art style to its advantage in many different ways – including making the game much more comfortable for VR.

The game makes use of three different classes, Soldier, Heavy and Officer (there are plans to add more, including a sniper class) all of which are dynamic and can be switched simply by running over top of a fallen enemy’s weapon. Each class has with it a different gun, a pistol for the officer, a machine gun for the soldier, and a rocket launcher for the heavy. Each class has it’s own tank as well, which you can transform into on a cooldown. In addition to classes, the game makes extensive use of powerups – think Mario Kart style hilarity and balance added to the game.

We have followed the title extensively in the past, and this trailer looks much more polished than the version that we were shown (but couldn’t talk about) when we first saw the game in February. This may be due to the team’s collaboration with ReelFX who produced the video. The trailer highlights the game’s comical nature, showing an Ally soldier manipulating the battle scene around him in hilarious fashion – switching grenades for chickens, drawing a Hitler mustasche on someone, and the like. Having played the game many times before, this trailer really captures its essence. It is violent not in the traditional Call of Duty way, but in a Looney Toons kind of way. We will continue to follow this title closely.


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