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World War Toons Debuts Musical New Trailer

World War Toons Debuts Musical New Trailer

Reload Studios, a team of former Call of Duty developers and Disney artists, released a whimsical new trailer today for their made for VR FPS World War Toons. The trailer showcases a brand new sniper class with a fun ability, enemies heads grow big in your scope for easy headshots.  In addition to the new class, the trailer showcases a number of Looney Toons-esque power-ups, like a TNT rocket that you ride and one that drops pianos from the sky on your enemies.

Since the beginning, World War Toons has been about molding a square peg into a round hole. The FPS genre is one that is very difficult to tackle in VR because of issues with motion sickness. Reload Studios has taken these problems and turned them into solutions. The sniper class’ ability is a perfect example. With the current headset display technologies, it can be difficult to make out small objects in the distance, by making the heads grow bigger they make the class more accessible to less dead-eyed players.

“We were trying to come up with a fast acting solution instead of traditional zooming,” says Reload Studios’ CEO James Chung, “I totally believe zooming can work in VR… but we wanted to come up with something that works with our cartoony setting as well as working with free movement.”

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The trailer wasn’t the only thing that Reload showed off today, they also introduced “Dread Zepplin,” a new king of the hill style gameplay mode and cool map in a separate video.

World War Toons will be on display this weekend in San Francisco at the PlayStation Experience. Weekend passes are still available for $75.

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