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Fight Through The Witching Tower In This Upcoming VR RPG

Fight Through The Witching Tower In This Upcoming VR RPG

A trailer for Witching Tower shows what looks like an effort to satisfy Game of Thrones fans itching to fight a blue-eyed undead army this Halloween.

Witching Tower’s description on Steam promises an action adventure game with blade and bow combat as well as puzzles to solve as you work your way through a tower “owned by the Queen of the Undeads.”

The trailer focuses on building up this menacing Queen and your opposition to her, with the last segment above showing some of the gameplay and environments you’ll encounter.

We haven’t gone hands-on with this title yet so there’s no telling how it feels to actually play, but we did find this earlier gameplay video posted back in May showing some item interactions and early combat:

Witching Tower has undoubtedly progressed since this video was made, but there are some high bars to beat with games like Skyrim VR still drawing in people with the incredible depth and breadth of that world. VR action adventure games are in high demand too, but it is not clear from these videos exactly how this game will satisfy buyers.

Witching Tower releases Oct. 4 for Rift and Vive.

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