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Wesley Snipes Takes On Aliens In VR Feature For Sci-Fi Film The Recall

Wesley Snipes Takes On Aliens In VR Feature For Sci-Fi Film The Recall

What happens when that creepy survivalist out in the woods turns out to be right about impending doom? That’s the story we’ll get to witness in this year’s film The Recall written and directed by Mauro Borrelli and featuring Wesley Snipes and Breaking Bad’s RJ Mitte.

Before we get the feature film, though, we’re going to get a virtual reality experience centered on Wesley Snipe’s character “The Hunter” as he takes on alien invaders.

Mind’s Eye Entertainment is producing the feature film and has teamed up with SkyVR, VMI Worldwide, Bridgegate Pictures, Invico Capital, and Talking Dog Studios for a 10 minute VR experience that takes place in the same world as the film which is similar to Samsung’s recent 360-degree short film that ties in with the new season of the 24 television series.  In The Recall, RJ Mitte’s character Brendan comes across Snipes’ unnamed “Hunter” right before the alien invasion commences and the VR clip will be placing viewers in Brendan’s shoes.

“This will change the way we hear about movies and rewrite the way we package content,” says producer Travis Cloyd in the press release for the new feature. “Viewers today are smarter and have access to more content right at their fingertips not just to watch the movie, but live in the realm and watch the feature through this new medium.”

The VR excerpt will be the first time Snipes has been a part of a project utilizing the immersive technology and didn’t feel completely like a fish-out-of-water, instead likening it to theater work.

“The cool thing is that for theater actors, or thespians, this is a great format because shooting in VR is similar to shooting a play, or performing a play,” explained Snipes. “You don’t have the luxury of cuts, and short takes, and do-overs,” he says. “You have to be on your game, and since everything is in the shot, everyone else needs to be on their game at the same time.”

The Recall VR Abduction does not have a set release date, but will release prior to the film which is slated for a summer 2017 debut. There will also be VR and 360-degree behind the scenes clips available on the film’s Facebook page.

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