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We Should All Be More Like Jordan From VRChat

We Should All Be More Like Jordan From VRChat

Meet Jordan. He’s a young kid that found his way into the dangerous waters of VRChat and, using the power of a pure child’s soul and cute phrases, touched the hearts and minds of thousands of people over the past week.

When YouTuber Syrmor livestreamed VRChat for his followers about a week ago, it’s safe to say that he probably never expected to meet someone like Jordan. But he did and now we are all better for having seen these lightly edited clips that have amassed well over half a million views in just eight short days.

Watch the video for yourself and try not to smile:

Now, let me go ahead and stop you right there: yes, I know that the internet is a foul and often terrible place. Yes, I know that VRChat has a well-documented history of offensive content and is extremely inappropriate for children’s eyes and ears in a lot of cases. And yes, I know that safety information on all major headsets (including Rift, Vive, and PSVR) recommend all users be at least 12-13 years old, if not older.

But this video is just too adorable not to highlight.

In VRChat users can customize their appearance by uploading custom avatars and creating their own worlds to share. What makes that particularly special is that the avatar you use is applied to your character across every game and world you visit. As you can see in the video, Jordan is always playing as a cute little cat with wings and a halo. At one point in the first half of the video, he refers to a blue dinosaur as “water Charizard.”

The real highlight though, that makes the whole video worth watching from start to finish (it’s a little under six minutes long) occurs at the very end. Syrmor asks Jordan what he would say if he could talk to everyone in the world in that moment and Jordan replies the only way a pure-hearted child can:

“If people hate you, don’t hate them…do good, die great.”

Note: Once again, I don’t recommend letting children play VRChat, at least not without heavy supervision. There’s a lot of really inappropriate and vulgar stuff that goes on there since it’s basically a completely open and mostly uncensored void.

Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, I have no idea if Jordan is this child’s actual name, but I also highly recommend telling your children to never disclose their real names to strangers on the internet.

All that being said, the video is adorable and we could all learn a thing or two from watching it.

Do good, die great, and be more like Jordan.

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