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Wave Circles VR Rhythm Game Slides Onto Steam For Fitness And Fun

Wave Circles VR Rhythm Game Slides Onto Steam For Fitness And Fun

Looking for another stylish way to test your hand-eye coordination and stamina? Game studio PlatformaVR is gearing up to release its new VR rhythm game Wave Circles on May 23, pushing players to bust a move to the beat in a dance space dripping with neon colors.

Wave Circles differs from Beat Saber, a wildly popular virtual reality rhythm game, in a handful of ways. Instead of slicing through boxes on beat and dodging walls, Wave Circles aims for more flowing movement in longer sustained inputs through the game’s waves. There are also pads that you punch or hit and the different songs mix these elements up while throwing in some sharp hazards for you to dodge occasionally as well.

At launch, Wave Circles will feature 17 songs and 51 different beatmaps crafted by the development team to work through. These beatmaps vary in difficulty, so you can engage in some comfortable gameplay or heighten the intensity with a group and friends to see who performs best on the toughest tracks and beatmaps. If you or your friends feel so inclined, Wave Circles will also launch with a beatmap creation system. Create, play the creations of local friends, or grab some online and keep the experience fresh for as long as you want.

If you’re interested in using VR gaming as a workout, the Beyond mode is your ticket. This mode is tailored for fitness and will get your heart rate up with specific songs and beatmaps. Additional features are planned for future updates, as well.

Wave Circles will be available on May 23 for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality VR via Steam for $9.99. The team plans to continue to support the game with five new songs released each month and, eventually, a campaign mode with daily objectives.

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