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Watch Over An Hour Of Our From Other Suns Co-Op Gameplay Livestream

Watch Over An Hour Of Our From Other Suns Co-Op Gameplay Livestream

Today at UploadVR we decided to revive our livestream efforts via our Twitch channel. With the embargo lifted on From Other Suns (read our review right here) we decided to take that one for a spin in some cooperative multiplayer fun. From Other Suns is a procedurally generated roguelike cooperative first-person shooter that’s all about looting and pillaging the starships of pirates and aliens. It releases tomorrow on Oculus Home for Rift with Touch.

I hosted a game for myself and Senior Editor, Ian Hamilton, that lasted for about an hour and a half. We were eventually joined by another player but couldn’t hear them since they weren’t in our chat party. If you missed out on watching us playing live, don’t worry! You can see the full stream, archived in its entirety, right here:

And you can also see a ton of other gameplay videos on our YouTube channel as well for From Other Suns and other games. We’re trying to make an effort to start livestreaming more, especially with so many VR games releasing these days, so you can plan on seeing more of that from us in the coming weeks and months. Especially with the launch of Skyrim VR on PSVR coming up very soon!

Let us know what you think of From Other Suns down in the comments below!

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