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Warplanes: Air Corp Returns To VR Battlefields On Quest App Lab

Warplanes: Air Corp

Warplanes: Air Corp takes VR aerial combat to a modern battlefield, and it's out now on Quest via App Lab.

Developed by Home Net Games, Warplanes: Air Corp marks the third VR entry in the series following WW1 Fighters and Battles Over Pacific. Moving away from historic wars to a modern-day setting, you can now pilot helicopters alongside fighter jets and "multirole" combat vehicles. You can see more in the gameplay trailer below:

Detailed on the store page, Air Corp features nine upgradable machines, letting you customize setups to better suit different missions objectives, deploying tactics like destroying air defense systems and reducing enemy artillery range. Promising simplified controls and adjustable difficulty settings, Home Net Games also states PvP and co-op multiplayer are coming soon.

Here's an official gameplay description:

Fight in the air against a wide range of fighter jets, multirole aircraft, attack helicopters and armed drones. Destroy ships, tankers, convoys, and an array of modern military vehicles like armored personnel carriers, tanks, and mobile rocket launchers. Fight in urbanized areas, destroy or protect strategic buildings and infrastructure. Use all available units to raze enemy military bases.

Warplanes: Air Corp is available now on the Meta Quest platform via App Lab.

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