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WW1 Biplane Shooter Warplane Plans App Lab Release

WW1 Biplane Shooter Warplane Plans App Lab Release

The Polish studio Home Net Games confirmed that its dog fighting title Warplane: WW1 Fighters has been submitted to App Lab and is pending approval.

Warplane is a made-for-VR game that lets you pilot WWI biplanes through a full campaign on Oculus Quest. The game is not available on the Oculus Store, but through SideQuest, where a free demo or the full game (after a $14.99 purchase on can be sideloaded onto a Quest.

Currently, the demo grants access to 2 missions and 6 German planes, with the full version giving you the entire Central Powers campaign and more planes. While the game is still in development, the campaign is fully playable, incredibly immersive and visually impressive, especially for a Quest-native title. According to Heaney, the graphics “may be the best of any Quest-native flight title we’ve seen yet.” A major update is also planned to drop before the official full release.

Despite how impressive the title is so far, only being available through sideloading does make it more difficult to access than games from the Oculus Store. We have a comprehensive guide on how to sideload games like Warplane, but it’s still a trickier process for less advanced Quest users.

However, Facebook recently launched App Lab, a new distribution and installation system for non-store Quest content that makes the whole install process much easier. Home Net Games confirmed that they have submitted Warplane to Oculus for App Lab and are now waiting on approval. Several games have already made their way onto App Lab, all of which can be installed in a few clicks using SideQuest or the Oculus mobile app.

Keep an eye out for more news on Warplane and other titles awaiting App Lab approval in the near future. In the meantime, read more about Warplane here.


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