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Wanderer Is A Time-Traveling PSVR Adventure Thriller, New Gameplay Here

Wanderer Is A Time-Traveling PSVR Adventure Thriller, New Gameplay Here

Wanderer is a time-traveling PSVR adventure thriller game in development by Oddboy and M Theory as a joint venture, a New Zealand-based indie game studio. There’s no release date just yet, but it’s looking very promising.

Wanderer – PSVR Adventure Thriller

We first caught wind of the gameplay showcase during the PSVR Without Parole ‘April Is PSVR AF’ showcase. Wanderer seems to be a very mysterious adventure VR game in which you have the power to travel through time and space. From screenshots and footage I’ve seen rundown apocalyptic settings, the surface of the moon, futuristic steampunk warehouses, and everything in between. On the website, the tagline is “the past changes a little every time we retell it,” which poses some very intriguing narrative questions.

In the footage you can see plenty of characters the player interacts with from various time periods, what looks like some Escape Room-style puzzles, and plenty of quirky time-jumping between various settings and time periods. Hopefully constantly switching between eras and locations helps keep things fresh and exciting.

The over 3-minute long chunk of gameplay above features lots of gameplay to give you a good look at what actually playing the game might be like. For more insight into the flow of Wanderer, you can check out the Twitter feed where you’ll find lots of other short clips and GIFs.

For more on Wanderer, check out the game’s official website, Twitter, and Discord server. The website itself isn’t actually live yet, nor is the game’s YouTube channel. Let us know what you think about Wanderer down in the comments below!

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