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Wanderer Releases January 27 PSVR & PC VR

Wanderer Releases January 27 PSVR & PC VR

After a few delays, we finally have a release date for the time travelling VR adventure — Wanderer will be available January 27 2022 for PSVR and PC VR via Steam.

Despite not making a release date in 2021, the good news is that Wanderer is only just over 2 months off (yes, we are that far through 2021).

Developers Oddboy spoke about the delay on Twitter, stating that “the overall choice comes from us wanting to deliver a well-polished game that we are PROUD to share with you all. Pushing back to a solid date gives us the confidence to create that!”

To balance out the news of another delay, Oddboy also shared some short new gameplay videos with details on the game’s mechanics and lore.

Time travel in Wanderer is linked to black holes, which you will harness using the temporal transporter (which can be seen in the video embedded above). Using the transporter will take you to loads of different locations, including multiple versions of the future, such as a futuristic version of Boston 2061.

You’ll be joined by a companion, Samuel the Watch, who is “useful in more ways than one “and can be upgraded using items found along the campaign.

Back in April, a FAQ on the game’s Discord indicated that the campaign would be roughly 8 hours, with replayable chapter selection. In terms of platforms, PSVR2 is “on [their] radar” and the team is also “working on options” for Quest, but there’s been no solid news on a Quest port beyond that.

Are you looking forward to Wanderer? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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