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Waltz Of The Wizard Dev Pauses PSVR Updates 'Until Sony Talks What's Next'

Waltz Of The Wizard Dev Pauses PSVR Updates 'Until Sony Talks What's Next'

Hrafn Thorisson, the CEO of Aldin Dynamics, has said that the team is holding off on updates for the PSVR version of Waltz of the Wizards until Sony talks more about the future of VR on the PlayStation platform.

Aldin Dynamics is best known for Waltz of the Wizard, which is available across most VR platforms, including PC VR, Quest and PSVR. However, while the game has seen regular updates on all platforms, Thorisson and co won’t keep investing in the PSVR version until they has an idea about what’s coming down the line for PlayStation and VR.

You can see the tweet here, or read a full transcription below:

Sony apparently isn’t hellbent on keeping 1st gen PSVR away from PS5, but question remains what they’ll do next. I think they should do PSPVR (PS5 connection option).

We’re holding off on further VR product updates on PS (including Natural Magic) until Sony talks what’s next.

Thorisson refers to the upcoming Natural Magic expansion as a specific example. Set to launch in 2021, Natural Magic is the first full expansion for Waltz of the Wizard and will give users new forms of magic to try out and new areas to explore. While the update was set to release on all platforms, Thorisson’s latest tweet indicates that the team will not work on the update for PSVR until Sony talks more about future plans for VR on the PlayStation platform.

PSVR hardware is supported on PS5 through PS4 backwards compatibility, however new PS5 games cannot use the PSVR hardware — only PS4 titles can support PSVR on PS5 through backwards compatibility.

There have been many questions as to what a new PSVR headset might look like, and when it will release. We know it won’t arrive in 2021 and that Sony are still ‘intrigued‘ by VR, but we haven’t had any solid confirmation that a hardware refresh is on the way. Despite this, we’ve caught a few peeks at what might be redesigned Move controllers for a future PSVR headset.

If you still want to know more, be sure to check out everything we know about PSVR 2 so far.

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